Thursday, September 25, 2008

Im getting a little worried. Ok Im waay past a little worried. Im panicked. I watch the news online and its making me nauseous so I quit. Still no word on the new job position. Talked to Jodi today. Her and a girl from my fighting unit came over to help me pick green beans and can them. So far I did another 7 quarts but it looks like 2 of them might have seal failure. Grrrr. Anyway, was talking to Jodi and she mentioned that her king bed would not fit well in the extra bedroom and the possibility of swapping beds with us for the 5 or 6 months she would be here. We have the biggest room but only a full size bed. I told her that would be fine with me if she was cool with it. So that seems like the probability of her moving in is high. Of course nothing is in stone..Its a long way to January. Im trying to get my 2 credit cards consolidated. I also still have the car payment. Once I know about the job position thing then I will be picking up a second job. I dont care if its working along side the Teen at Burger King. I am making myself sick worrying about us having enough money to pay bills, gas and food. I do NOT have enough put by to see my family through winter without supplementing from the grocery store. The more I try to curb my spending the more that seems to go out the window. Quite honestly right now I feel like s#*t.


Brittney said...

Hugs to you and your family! I hope resolution is around the corner!

Kathie said...

I hear ya sweets. I had to step away from the news for a while too, because it was getting normally optimistic me in a panic. I figure we'll make do, no matter what happens.

The preserving and growing and storing get easier with time. I hope things get better. Freeze the green beans that didn't seal - no matter how long a person cans there's always a few jars that don't seal in a season. I think it has more to do with the lids in that case than the person or the processing...

donald423 said...

Hang in there!

We gave away our TV long ago, and canceled the "news"paper. Don't miss it one bit. We get plenty of fnords online.

It's not like you'll be getting kicked out of your house or anything, is it? I hope.

Unplug the TV.

Don from foodnotlawnsspringfield