Thursday, February 26, 2009

Updates on multiple things.

Sometimes I forget to take "before pictures". Like of Raven's room.. before we cleaned out 4 full trashbags of CRAP. All the clothes were washed except for what was hanging up because we couldn't be sure of what was clean. You could only see patches of the floor. Her father had a really hard time but he is doing ok. You wouldn't recognize the room now :) Anything that is hers is put up and away in the closet. Including the bedset that I bought for her. I put a new set on. That way she can't complain about other people using her stuff. She is keeping her stuff here until she either moves back in or til June. After that she needs to come get it before we get rid of it. The room will be used for visitors and for when we have her half brothers every other weekend. They now have a clean room to stay in. She came by today to get some cds and didn't stay 10 minutes. She didn't say anything about the room.

On a more pleasant front. Bill finished my grow box..its a huge monstrosity. He wanted to let you know that only the foil was purchased for this project, all the rest of the stuff we had. The cardboard is a "bionic cardboard" that is 1/2" thick and had to be cut with and jig and band saw. The light fixtures he had from a tool box he picked up at an auction and the wood is pallet wood. These are the pics of it. He is already making a smaller one for a friend of ours.This is the base its an extra bookcase laid on its back.

Bill trying to make sure it fits up does for the most part There is some sliding around I can do for air and we are discussing vent holes.

The outside wiring and the handlebar

Did I mention the that this thing is huge?!

The inside..yes that is 5 light receptacles...I blame Bill I did not specify how many to use.

I did get to do some work on it. Heavy duty aluminum foil...the only thing I had to buy....$2 dollars for 2 rolls and I have lots left over for the kitchen/grill.

We didn't foil around the light receptacles we worried it would fall. It has 1 incandescent and the rest are CFLs of varying wattage.

This is it all set to go. I do have some seedlings in there I may have to boost them up closer to the light but it's definitely 80 times better than what they were getting in my kitchen. We put in a thermometer and while it was high 40s/low 50s F in the garage it stayed about 75 F and this afternoon the highest it got was 80 F. We plan to run it about 13-16 hrs a day with us unplugging it before bed and me plugging it in before I leave for work. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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