Friday, March 27, 2009

I have more pictures to take and upload I WILL get the introduction of Tater done soon..But I need sleep.

The new pantry and yard pics

This is how you turn an ordinary mostly unused coat closet into a pantry.

I had him keep the original shelf and bar for super tall containers and for hanging things like herbs.

This is the new grow box complete with flip top lid....much easier to use both are now full!!

The carport in back is not used really so it is now trellised off for gourds. The spot front of it now has 4 raised beds but I didnt get those shots yet.

The compost bins are now 3 wide and covered with black plastic to help cook.

This is the trellis for the beans it is 6ft tall. It is covered in mesh to help them climb.

There are window boxes under the windows now except for the north side of the house.

My plants are getting huge.. I hope they can hold on for another week or so.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Paddys Day!

Things here are good all considering. Bill had a visit to the dentist and it all sucked. My poor Bill has 2 really bad abcessed teeth, a sinus infection and its creeping up into his eye. He is now on antibiotics and pain meds though he will only take half of a Vicodin and then some Motrin. He will be getting one tooth pulled next week. I am on watch for swelling in his face and eye with instructions to take him to the ER if that happens. I, myself, have a lovely little sinus infection with an ear infection. I missed a day at work because my balance was way off. I now only lose my balance when I blow my nose. I still have a bit of pain here and there but I just follow Bill's lead and try to work through it.

We have been very busy lately, especially Bill. Since the weather in Southern Illinois has been fair the past few weeks (with occasional cold snaps) he has been a busy bee. I think the recent influx of tools has helped tremendously too ;) He is building me another grow box with great improvements. It will have a hinged lid instead of the bulky top I currently deal with. But regardless I am more than grateful that I have a grow box. The plants are doing wonderfully. I will get new pictures. We have been busy outside the house too. We made an A-frame trellis for the pole beans and remodeled the carport to act as a trellis for the gourds. Bill pulled all the Yuccas and transplanted them to the ditch out front. He also built window boxes for most of the windows around the house. We re-did the compost area and built on a third section. Bill also hauled in some composted manure from Giant City Stables... in the blazer no less. He used an enormous tarp as a liner lol. If it doesnt rain this morning he is going to till the garden. It may be a little premature. I think it is sufficiently dry but who knows. It will be the first firing up of the new tiller.

Ok its 1am and Im going to go pass back out.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My tax return had arrived and, as per my previous post , I got some vital things taken care of. So with some of the rest of it we decided to put back into the local economy aka we went shopping :D We bought a 6.5 hp tiller at Rural King. Bill is now the proud owner of a table saw, reciprocating saw, and a new electric drill. For the Blazer we had to replace a lot of things on it lately that all tied into his serpentine belt. We need to get him a new radiator eventually. He also got some new shoes, his Vans are almost dead after two years. We bought a membership to our neighborhood co-op!!!! We also picked up some odds and ends there, including some eco-friendly Seventh Generation dishwasher detergent. We also bought a rice cooker (we go through a LOT of rice here) so now I won't scorch the pan anymore. We also ordered some seeds online through Mississipi Moon Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange and Botanical Interests. It's really hard to find pepperoncini seeds locally. Oh and we got the puppy fixed. Oh but I haven't introduced you to the latest member of the family.....Tater. I have to remedy that.

The grow box is working well. It is still a bit cold in the garage (damn this weather, its suppose to be 50s tommorow and close to 70 on Thursday) so I added a portable room heater on low. The box does not have any insulation though I may be putting an old blanket over it soon. I transplanted a lot of seedlings to 3" pots. I need to see about getting some natural liquid fertilizer or maybe buy a bag of compost and mix it in with my potting soil which doesnt have anything. We will be making another trip into town tomorrow for groceries and more gardening supplies. I also have a lunch date with a friend that I don't see as often as I'd like.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paid off

My credit cards
My car

Got new tires (3)
Got parts for Bill's truck
Got 2 new pairs of jeans bring my total to 3