Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Paddys Day!

Things here are good all considering. Bill had a visit to the dentist and it all sucked. My poor Bill has 2 really bad abcessed teeth, a sinus infection and its creeping up into his eye. He is now on antibiotics and pain meds though he will only take half of a Vicodin and then some Motrin. He will be getting one tooth pulled next week. I am on watch for swelling in his face and eye with instructions to take him to the ER if that happens. I, myself, have a lovely little sinus infection with an ear infection. I missed a day at work because my balance was way off. I now only lose my balance when I blow my nose. I still have a bit of pain here and there but I just follow Bill's lead and try to work through it.

We have been very busy lately, especially Bill. Since the weather in Southern Illinois has been fair the past few weeks (with occasional cold snaps) he has been a busy bee. I think the recent influx of tools has helped tremendously too ;) He is building me another grow box with great improvements. It will have a hinged lid instead of the bulky top I currently deal with. But regardless I am more than grateful that I have a grow box. The plants are doing wonderfully. I will get new pictures. We have been busy outside the house too. We made an A-frame trellis for the pole beans and remodeled the carport to act as a trellis for the gourds. Bill pulled all the Yuccas and transplanted them to the ditch out front. He also built window boxes for most of the windows around the house. We re-did the compost area and built on a third section. Bill also hauled in some composted manure from Giant City Stables... in the blazer no less. He used an enormous tarp as a liner lol. If it doesnt rain this morning he is going to till the garden. It may be a little premature. I think it is sufficiently dry but who knows. It will be the first firing up of the new tiller.

Ok its 1am and Im going to go pass back out.

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Ruralrose said...

Don't underestimate the relief one can get from swishing with apple cider vinegar. I have broken teeth and have had abscesses, but still no pain and nothing pulled out. It takes a day or so to kick it but it is worth it considering the pain it saves. Wishing you both the best, peace