Friday, March 27, 2009

The new pantry and yard pics

This is how you turn an ordinary mostly unused coat closet into a pantry.

I had him keep the original shelf and bar for super tall containers and for hanging things like herbs.

This is the new grow box complete with flip top lid....much easier to use both are now full!!

The carport in back is not used really so it is now trellised off for gourds. The spot front of it now has 4 raised beds but I didnt get those shots yet.

The compost bins are now 3 wide and covered with black plastic to help cook.

This is the trellis for the beans it is 6ft tall. It is covered in mesh to help them climb.

There are window boxes under the windows now except for the north side of the house.

My plants are getting huge.. I hope they can hold on for another week or so.

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