Thursday, April 16, 2009

I will not be online for a while. Im berating myself at the moment. I screwed up my bank balance and found out I would be short for bills. I had been reading my online balance wrong it shows a combo of mine and Bills as we have seperate accounts. So I would have to take money from my husband which would leave him broke and without gas or cigarettes for about a week to be even. If I can get the water bill squared away things will be fine pay it later or whatever but still I feel lower than a piece of crap, and my husband is furious with me (and he well should be).


Catherine said...

Hey, all of us have done that kinda thing at one time or another. Don't be so hard on yourself...and if you get in a real bind, e-mail me. We don't have much, but I'd hate to see you guys go without.

Kathie said...

Well buggers! Most everyone has done it once or twice - it does make a person feel like crap but its a learning experience. Don't be too hard on yourself, mistakes happen.

Ruralrose said...

Aww - i too feel for your plight - what woman, or man for that matter, out there hasn't made a similar mistake - life is made of negative and positive experiences and both are necessary for us each to play our role in the grand story - my experience has shown me that when the cup is totally empty is when it is most likely to be refilled to the brim - hang on and watch for the silver - too many cliches? it is only cause i know that heat pangs of error and my heart goes out to you - peace for all