Sunday, May 24, 2009

98% of the garden is in. We started planting Wed a lil after 9am and didnt finish until just after 8:30pm. I had to direct sow a lot of things but the peppers seem to be fairing well, I also had a couple cucumber plants that didnt get thrashed by the foul weather. I need to buy some spaghetti squash to plant and some thyme plants. I will get pics soon.

I volunteered to work Memorial Monday. Im gonna need all the OT and extra that I can get. I finally got ahold of my insurance guy who verified that yes, the claim on groceries has to go through my deductible first and its just not worth it as its a $500 deductible. Useless since we didn't have any other damage.

Wednesday the 27th is my birthday. Im not sure that we are going to do anything. I would like to do something, just not sure what.

I will write more and in more detail come my weekend.

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D. Lollard said...

wow, that's one long day of planting.

happy birthday!!