Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here the house has been a beehive of activity. Ragnarok is coming upon us!! Well not literally the end of the world's the major, national gathering for those of us who are in Dagorhir. It's medieval combat, with a fantasy base. Yes I am that much of a geek :)

Anyhoo Ragnarok this year is the 21st to the 28th in Cambridge, OH. We will leave the house around midnight Saturday to make the 8-10 hr drive. My friend is staying at my house for a week to take care of the animals, normally I'd just have someone come in once a day to check in but cant do that now that we have the Tater-pup.

I love going to Rag but the week before there's always soo much to do. 11th hour projects abound. I am guilty myself. I have made 1 skirt, 1 mens tunic and I need to make a half chemise and finish up another skirt.. I also had to dye a few pieces. Bill is working on belt favors for our unit. Him and a friend have been working on a pavillion for our camp. The roommate is trying to get packed and find all her garb. We are trying to co-ordinate caravans. Yeah pretty busy.

Outside of the house the weather has been crap for humans but great for some plants. It has been tooooooo hot, in the upper 90s, very humid (when its not storming) and I got sick trying to "suck it up" out there. The garden is a mess :(

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AutumnRose said...

I go see Ragnarok every year! (I live in Cambridge, a stone's throw from Spring Valley Campground) We love having Ragnarok here--you guys are so friendly and watching the battles are awesome! I hope you have a fantastic time....I'll be out to watch :-)