Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The garden got away from me. I spent 9 hours Saturday wrangling it back. I mowed quite a bit down. I still have more grass to pull mainly from the beans and the spaghetti and yellow squashes. The area I had set for the herb patch was a bust. We have reclaimed it as a bonfire/campfire/hangout area. My garden is doing very poorly except for onions and radishes that are in the raised beds. I looked at the pictures from this time last year and it is markedly different.

To be honest with you all I am in a depressive funk. I will get over it I know I will. I don't want to do anything hardly anymore and I feel like crying at the drop of a hat. I am tired all the time. There is always some sort of stress here whether its dealing with my stepdaughter drama, Bill can't find a job drama, people at work driving me nuts drama, etc. We still haven't found a roommate. I'm tired about worrying about bills. I'm tired of feeling like a homesteading failure. To top it off I feel unappreciated. So yeah there is me in a nutshell, sorry its a bummer at the moment.

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Kathie said...

Sending love your way.