Monday, August 3, 2009

Well anyone who has kept track of my updates knows I had been in a depression. Had is the operative word. I’m out of it. Several things have turned around. #1 My husband found work!! #2 As mentioned before, I spent several hours in the garden trying to reclaim it. It is turning around nicely. #3 I went on an adventure which has led to the revival of my soul and is the real reason I wanted to post.

Saturday I took a trip to Cape Girardeau, MO to visit the Family Friendly Farm for one of their tours. I drove by myself (haven’t done that in a LONG time) but met up with my co-worker and some of her family. Walked around through pastures filled with cows and chickens and I even got to catch and hold one myself! (Chicken dude, not a cow!) It was really nice to see positive stewardship of the Earth and genuine concern for the animals that are raised there. They sell eggs, chicken meat and other various chicken bits, raw milk and beef. They also sell local honey from a guy in Jackson, MO. These folks were wonderful to talk to answering a slew of questions from us. Their son also is a sweetie and you can tell he is being brought up right. I do recommend that if you can swing a visit that you do so!!
The egg on the left is from the Family Friendly Farm and the one on the right is an extra large from the store.
I bought a half of a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs that wouldn’t even fit in a jumbo egg carton, a pint of honey and a butter bell. I had never had raw milk before. It was something I’d always read about. I did sneak a glass before I left it in the fridge to let the cream rise on it. Oh and another thank you to Rachel, who I had to call after I got home because I didn’t know if the cream would still rise if I put it in the fridge. Like I said, I’ve never dealt with raw milk and had a noobie panic moment. But that’s ok I called my co-worker first and she didn’t know either :P When that finally happened I was calling Ginsu to come look at it. He laughed at me and walked off shaking his head chuckling. Yesterday I finally got around to making butter, which was also a first for me. I used my food processor and had a blast. Once I got it washed, pressed and salted I packed it into the butter bell. All in all I came away from the weekend refreshed. I just need to keep that feeling in the front of my mind.