Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hows the weather?

Its wet as in really wet.  While the top half of this state gets the blizzard down here in Southern Illinois we get wind and rain. Its getting cold this last week. Night before last it sleeted a little but it was gone by the morning. No actual snow yet.  Bill wants snow for his birthday.  Me? I just want to get the shrink wrap on the windows.
Right now Im hanging at Burger King on my lunch soaking up the free WIFI.  My friend Brenna also works here so I got to gush about gardening with her.  We are ready for the planting to start.  She oohed over my spreadsheets and we have seeds to swap out to each other.  She informed me that come next Fall she will be moving to the Columbus, OH area which sucks for me, another loss on the urban homesteading front and one less person for me to hang out with in person and talk shop with.  But Im glad she's getting out at the same time. 

 The second loofah batch stilll has some black spots on them. Im not sure if I should do another bleach soak or just cut out those sections. Any ideas?  I need to figure out something fast as some of these were going as Yule presents. Which leads me up to the goings on at the house......We have a small Christmas/Yule tree up.  Its on top of the dining room table instead of the kennel.  Now the cats won't stay out from under it.  Aggravating but it is too cute. I just hope they don't break any of Helen's ornaments.

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fullfreezer said...

We're getting the snow. We've got about 5 inches so far and it's still snowing. The wind is starting to pick up. It's supposed to get even worse here after midnight and we've actually got a blizzard warning! It's our first winter here so we don't know where the drifts will form yet. We'll have to see if we can get out tomorrow morning or if I'm snowed in and can't go to work (she says hopefully....)
Stay warm and dry.