Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy News

As I write this the snow is coming down en masse again. I believe we are to get 3-5 inches out here in De Soto. Getting home from Carbondale was a nightmare tonight.  I am consoling myself with a cup of hot tea and going through my seeds that I just got.  Yes, it's early but I am not actually planning on starting anything until this current snowfall melts out and even then, its going to be onion seed and brassicas.  I will try to get Helen to snap some pictures of the new grow-box that we made from our old fridge.  I still need to re-foil the grow-box out on the back porch.  I meant to get the pictures up of the Aerogarden as the plants are HUGE and I have my first marigold flower.

In other news, a gentleman in Carbondale has proposed for city to change the ordinances regarding chickens and goats.  I also found out he is part of The Permaculture Project.  Yep, I really need to talk to this guy! Alright, I have to go and finish my article for Homemakers Who Work.

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