Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shower and soap updates

Well we got the shower fixed today. $147 in total.  I haven't been in it yet as I let William and Dillon go first and took the opportunity to wrangle the kitchen back to submission.  I also ran the dishwasher so I wanted to let the hotwater heater catch up.  The dishsoap has been used also and truth be told Im not won over by it. I know you dont need bubbles to equal clean but there was glycerin in the formula so I expected some bubbles. If I put it directly on the loofah and then attack the pan it seems ok, but straight added to water and I start having doubts.  It does lovely as a hand soap though. As slong as it works I really dont care.  I would like to use the sink more and the dish washer less with soooo many bottles made from one batch it would be a shame not to.

The next adventure for me and Helen will be making homemade soap with lye and fats/oils. Yep, there will be pictures to share.

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mmpaints said...

When you 2 are ready to go with the soap, if you have any problems, drop me a line. We're close enough to each other and I make soap all the time ;)