Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gorgeous weather out today!! I got the sprouted onions and garlic out in the raised beds yesterday. There was a light frost this morning but they seem to be doing well.  I've been taking the seedlings out for a couple hours each day when I get home if William hasn't done it for me.  He's been busy in the garage building more weapons and shields so I dont expect him to remember all the time.  I was contemplating taking a half day tomorrow but Helen has to go to Kentucky and William is going with her. Hopefully she will be bringing back her lawn mower!! I'd like to not have to get one.

In other news Im finishing up the Square Foot Garden book that my friend Temetra's  mom got me.  I am helping them out with a gardening this year and I belive the SFG will be their best bet.  I am tempted to put in some myself now, but Im torn because I also want to improve the soil that I have.  Yeah I know its more work that way, maybe Im just being difficult.  With all the nicer weather I feel re-energized.  Im wanting to do more in the yard, I just need it to dry out!!! Well Im off to upload my next article for Homemakers Who Work.  It's about my attempts to use my clothesline even though I work during prime drying hours.

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