Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring fever and fear

It poured all day and night yesterday.  I have standing water in my garden area :(  It was nice today and is suppose to be nice tomorrow then rain again Sunday then its suppose to be nice & dry 'til the following Sunday.  I hope to get the onions and garlic planted in the raised beds.  If it dries out completely (crossing fingers) I can do some tilling. It does not look like I will get to put up tunnels this spring but I hope to maybe in the fall.

I'm sorry still no pictures.  I am chugging along with things here though. Things have changed since my last post. Dillan moved out. Things with him and his wife fell flat and she was paying his rent, so he went back to his mom's but then opted to stay with other friends. I believe he has decided to go into Job Corps and I wish him well, however he skipped out on paying us for the last month and I had plans that were contingent on that money. He told Bill he would pay us back but I am not holding my breath. Soon it will just be me, Bill and Helen.  My step daughter and her baby have gotten a place about an hour or so north of here where her mother's family is, I wish her well also.  For a little bit there wont be anybody moving in. We don't know anyone else who needs a place to stay that we'd be cool opening our house to.  The house is far from quiet tonight though as we still get the boys every other weekend.

The house is a hopping place at the moment with both Bill and Helen making things.  Helen is going with us to Ragnarok and she needed clothes for her persona.  She has been a shopping and sewing mad woman.  Bill has been busy making a mushroom chair (Pics as soon as I can get good ones!) as well as weapons, tabards and other things.  What am I doing??  Gardening stuff. Seedlings and grow boxes and garden plans have kept me busy.  I also have been doing quite a bit of crocheting dishcloths. 

I should be working on clothes also but I just cannot bring myself to do it.  I have gained a lot of weight over the fall and winter and the thought of trying on anything or making anything at this point in time makes me both anxious and depressed.  Places I'd rather not be. I have no idea what my weight is at the moment other than it's unhealthy.  I think I am at or past my highest weight just before I got my PCOS diagnosis and to be honest Im scared to death.  Bill is extremely worried about my health and finally confessed it to me.  I have a plan in motion to help out and it will cost me a little but if I don't do something soon I am going to end up diabetic and on heart medication or worse.  My blood pressure wasn't good last time I checked it at the store. Diabetes and heart disease run in my family so Im scared.  I'm not going to the doctor and creating yet another set of bills.  So I will try this first and see how I do after I drop some of this extra weight.  

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