Friday, April 9, 2010

Super planned weekends have begun!

This weekend looks promising so far.  I got up got laundry started and hung out on the clothes line. I have 2 more loads to wash and hang. I want to get some more onions into the grow boxes (which grass is shooting up through grrrrrrr)  We pick the boys up this afternoon and Im not looking forward to it, tonight will have to be cheap pizza night and they will want to go eat BK's or McDonald's...tough.  Im sorry I do love my stepsons but they are spoiled rotten on some things. Ok enough on that.

Its been weird weather in southern Illinois.  First some rain, then heat, then winds and thunderstorms,then heat, more wind and now cold.  I woke up today to 40 degree weather.  But it's not raining!! I was hoping that all the wind would have helped dry out the garden but it doesn't seem to have helped too much at all :(   My seedlings are looking a little pale and Im worried that they are going to die or something is wrong with them.  Also they are not as big as I would like them. I may try transplanting them into the plastic tubs I've been saving.  Less than a week to the last frost date.

Tomorrow is Farmers' Market Day!!! Best day of the week hands down.  We are all going to head out there. Well except for Helen, she has to work all day tomorrow :(   I also have a wedding to go to at 1p tomorrow. After I get done with all that I will head home and I hope to get back into the dirt. I am debating getting a roll of landscaping fabric and redoing the raised beds.  I also need to lay the cardboard down for the greenbean A-frame.  I need to get the peas planted...and the potatoes...and the lettuce and spinach.  Damn, I need this next week to stay dry and above 50!

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