Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Going Green Giveaway!!

I like giveaways, who doesn't?!  So I've decided that I will be doing one of my own.  What is up for grabs??? So glad you asked ;)  There will be 2 bars of homemade soap lightly scented with chamomile and 2 half pint jars of homemade bath salts, one Eucalyptus scented and one Peppermint scented (good for tired foot soaks).

What do you have to do to get in on this wonderful care package?  Well one way is to leave me a comment telling me what you would like to see me do on here.  If you post a link on your blog going back to this post and let me know so I can confirm it I will put in another entry for you.  Get your entries in by July 23rd!


fullfreezer said...

What fun! I love giveaways- but I hardly ever win. What do I want to see you do? Hmm... just be yourself. I like garden updates. Your before photos look a lot like my garden. It's been a bad combination of time and weather this year. When I had time, the weather didn't cooperate.
Judy said...

Sign me up for the giveaway. I don't know what I'd like to see but more, just more of you.

Lamb said... I am usually just a lurker...I will pop out of the shadows for a give-away...especially nifty smelling soap! What would I like to see you do?
How about you make one basic item---that you normally buy---from scratch. My suggestion is to make a small batch of your own vinegar. Such a basic household item but almost no one makes their own anymore. I was surprised to find out that wine is not necessary. Best vinegar I ever made was a honey vinegar---absolutely wonderful in salad dressings!

Jenny said...

Just found your site and it looks like I'll be staying awhile! Love all your adventures and I can't wait to see your cheese making. It's on my list of things to learn. I just havne't made the leap yet. Off to check out more. Thanks for the giveaway!

wardhouse said...

Phelan sent me over and I had to subscribe to your site; love the posts!
I cannot wait to read more.

simply_complicated said...

new follower via a homesteading neophyte... i always like to see pictorial posts like the one you did with cheese... and even more so when they go well, so i can follow in the same footsteps!

Phelan said...

What to make you do... hmmm. . . Dance, I want to see you dance :D

Anne M. said...

I think it'd be great just to see you try different things that you've never done or perfected. Cause it'd be nice to see the trial from someone else's perspective =) I already love what you write about been a follower for some time now.

CJ said...

As I am a visual type of person, I'd like to see more pictures. I know you do cool/fun/interesting things, and a picture would really help describe those things and help your reader to understand them better. I love that you have photos of your garden and your various adventures, but I want to see more! :)

John said...

Suggested topics:
Recycling: From the basics to marking art with your own used products.
Composting: Similar to above but with left over food waste.
Technology: LED lighting, wind-up products, energy star products, etc.
Clothing: Hemp while illegal in many places makes for sturdy clothing; there are other fibers out there that work similarly.