Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear August....You suck

Its been so dry for so long that most of the corn has been harvested in my area.  My garden is a mess and I really need to raze it and plant some fall crops.  I've been working OT so not much else has been done. That and when I do have a little time I just find Im tired :(  I have set time out tomorrow to get craft stuff made after work.

This month has sucked with the heat, not just in the garden but in my pocket book.  I've also managed to kill 2 pairs of jeans. I've hit the thrift store hoping to find jeans but to no avail. So I'll wait. Actually a girl I work with is going through her closets again so I may get another pair if Im lucky.

With William working more it means that Helen and I are left to our own devices for making dinner.  So far we are doing pretty well.  With the heat finally letting up I am looking forward to cooking...and to baking.  I'm going to make and can a batch of alfredo sauce again. I just need to go get the stuff for it.  I am actually thinking about opening up my house to friends and offer to do a canning party for sauce.  Im just not sure if they'd be interested. Well I know Brenna probably would. I have put in an attempt to build some community. I posted on my facebook asking if people in my area would be interested. We'll see how it goes.

My mom has asked what I would like for Christmas/Yule.  So far I've thought maybe a food sealer. But now Im seriously considering asking for gift certificates to Menards, Lowes, or maybe some nurseries. I would like to build some raised beds with concrete blocks instead of wood and I need to get some fencing for the back yard.  I'd like to get some blueberry or blackberry bushes and (though I lost the website) was eyeballing a dwarf fruit tree collection that supposedly would work well in a 10 x 20 spot.  I think it was called a postage stamp orchard. I think I would like some more stock pots now that I'm thinking about it.  Writing always makes my brain take off.

Oh and Im thinking it's that time of year that people are saving seeds and (possibly) already planning what they want for next/spring summer.  I am contemplating do a blogger seed swap.  Suggestions are more than welcome.


Jenny said...

We recieved a food sealer as a gift and I have to say we rarely use it {just my 2 cents if it helps}. Sounds like some great plans for more fruit. Check your soil pH before planting blueberries. They do best in an acid soil with a pH of 5. A canning party sounds fun- lucky you to find others interested. All I hear is "it's too much work". I'd be game for a seed swap too!

fullfreezer said...

I'd be up for a seed swap. I'm not sure how many tomato seeds I'll be able to save this year but I've still got tons from last year. My tomatoes were kind of a bust this year. But I just saved out some eggplant seeds this afternoon from one I left ripen on the plant.
If I lived closer I'd come over for a canning party!

Annette said...

Like you, and it looks like others, our schedules have been packed full of activities other than the garden. My plan is to plant some fall crops and not be as 'busy' for the next season.
I am definitely open to a seed swap.

Barb and Steve said...

I like the title of your post :-)
A canning party sounds fun. Doing stuff with friends will make it more enjoyable.