Thursday, August 12, 2010


Got a nice thunderstorm that came and drenched the area. Rain barrels are filling up, ground got a great soaking.  We are getting a break from the 115 degree heat index. I've been working a bit and in spare time between calls at work ( i work in a call center) I have been trying to work on a budget.  I get to update it now cuz.......William has a job!!!!!!! We are all pretty happy. I'm still going to pick up overtime as its offered and put extra on bills.  But what relief!!

Tonight is the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. Last website I saw said it should be grand with the best times being from midnight to 4am.  I took a nap this evening with the belief that the storm system will clear out in time to do some stargazing. I thoroughly encourage you to do this also!!

PS Phelan I have not forgotten ;) No one has been able to catch the elusive dancing Stephie on film in time

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