Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Naming Contest

Ok I need a new name for my homestead. Rules are simple you have til January 1st to submit names. Then I will gather them up and we will sort them out choosing the one we deem best fitting. The winner gets highlighted on my website and they also will get a packet of my heirloom "black cherry" cherry tomatoe seeds as well as a suprise gift. And yes, you may submit more than one name.


Annie Mouse said...

how do we enter the contest?
My idea is
(Going Green In Illinois Acres)

Annie Mouse said...

Don't know if it went through or noe
so, second try,
Going Green In Illinois

thanks, Annie

Stephanie said...

Works just fine I have to approve comments before they will show up lol. Had to deal with spammers a while back.

fullfreezer said...

Thanks for the reminder! I had given it some thought and then forgot to post a comment.
I was thinking that you're trying to make your own Wonderland so I thought Looking-glass Farm.

Or then if you're feeling particularly crazy there is always: Bedlam Urban Funny Farm- you can be BUFF for short.

I had another one but it escapes me now.

Happy New Year!