Sunday, December 30, 2012


The weather outside has been interesting. We had a bit of a blizzard on the evening of the 25th. I could have stayed at Sister Zim’s house again but I decided I’d tough it out at home. I made it home before it really hit.  The next morning I awoke at 6am started getting ready for work and walked out the door and into a Currier and Ives scene. Snow blanketed everything in generous amounts…very generous amounts. The plows had been down my street and still you could not see the road. I could however see the extra snow piled onto the entrance to the driveway.

I looked up the road and saw a few cars and a truck slid over into the ditches. I called into work and went back to bed.  When I woke back up my roommate Walley had finally gotten back in from Christmas with his folks and he said the roads were horrid if it was anything besides a highway or interstate. Then he took off to work.  I finally got dressed and proceeded to go into the garage to find the snow shovel..of which I know longer own. I know we were in possession of one once but that was before the divorce and the two winters since Bill left have been pretty non existent so I didn’t notice it being gone. It could have been broken and tossed for all I know, it wasn’t a thing I messed with. All I had was a garden shovel and I figured that if Walley could make it in a Kia then I could make it out in my Altima. Thankfully I was right!

Driving around I took my time and enjoyed the scenery. I had forgotten how pretty snowscapes can be. How it covers everything with a quiet beauty and makes you feel that the world is resting for a moment. How peaceful it can make you feel.  I saw snowmen and sleds. I saw kids and adults playing. I even saw a snow panda made by the workers at my favorite Chinese restaurant.  I enjoyed my snow day. I have pics I just have to upload them.

Since the initial blizzard we’ve had a couple more inches of snow followed by days above freezing.  The roads are fairly clear unless it’s a back road, parking lots melt and then refreeze. Tonight we are supposed to get more but I’ve yet to confirm it with the weather channel. Im hoping that it’s false info as I am travelling after work on NYE to Lexington, KY to see some friends.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012…a year in review and tentative plan for 2013

I’d have to see that this has probably been the worst year for me since I started blogging. Catching up on other peoples blogs I've realized it’s not as bad as some peoples obviously and that has given me perspective. When I say it was the worst year it means it’s been the worst year for my depression.  I didn't garden, I didn't really craft much, and only once did I hang the laundry out to dry this summer, I let the house and yard get to looking shabby, I herniated a disc in my back, I gained 30 lbs…..I just haven’t cared. 

2012 was the year that the car died and ALL the major appliances revolted. The stove was replaced. The fridge was broken for 3 weeks but could at least be repaired. The dishwasher also has been acting up (it is a luxury I know) but I seem to have gotten it fixed myself. The washer is not working properly; it washes but no longer spins. I think a belt slipped and I think the heating coil in the dryer is going out.   I am a fan of repair over replacement for most things but I wanted to wait ‘til after the holidays for it to get looked at.

But there were many wonderful things that happened this year.  I have been watching Sister Zim’s baby grow which never ceases to amaze me. I've watched another “sister” and her family start into urban gardening and homesteading with wonderful results.  I traveled a bit.  I fell in love with two wonderful men and I had my heart broken because it just couldn't work with either one of them.  Yes, I count that as a wonderful thing, because I was afraid I couldn't really fall in love again after Bill. Lust is one thing, love is another. I helped form an SCA group in my area and it’s working out well. I made new friends; I tried things outside of my comfort zone. I did live, in a weird, quirky way.

So what now? I’m asking myself that as well.  There are plans…. Plans within plans within plans. There are plans for travel, lots of travel. All over Illinois for family and SCA events. Trips over into Kentucky, Missouri, and of course, Pennsylvania.  Dagorhir’s Ragnarok and SCA’s Pennsic War(well the 2nd week anyway) are about a month apart from each other this year and are both at the same place. I've already been approved for the time off for both.

There are garden and house plans. Brenna has moved to a place about 3 blocks from me. We will be converting the back yard back to her former garden glory. There will be yard work done and painting done. There will hopefully be new flooring, and new roommates. There will be canning, freezing and dehydrating done.  There will be more home cooking.

There are baby plans (No I’m not pregnant) There is weight on me that needs to go away, there are medical issues like my blood pressure and my herniated disc that need to be handled better as well as my PCOS. I go to the doctor next month to discuss baby plans and better management of my PCOS. There will be depression management plans as I’m going to start seeing a counselor.

Well there you go, that was 2012 and a preview of what I’m hoping to accomplish in 2013.  Bring on the new year!