Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring is broken

Spring has been wonky as you all know. Southern Illinois is in the middle of deciding whether it wants to be summer already or go back to winter.  As usual the backyard is not dried out.  Brenna, Sister Zim and I have some seedlings started but the broccoli and cauliflower keep dying and this week I forgot to shut the light box off and fried some tomato seedlings...Some of the larger potted tomatoes held there own and the eggplants are now doing nicely though!!..the peppers aren't germinating but the seed was older so who knows. I spent an hour after work starting more tomatoes and cayenne.

Work is doing ok, Im on a different shift working 10 hour days now.  Its nice to only work 4 days a week. I now have entire weekends off. The downside is I dont get home until almost 11pm, I dont crash until like 1 or 3 (still working out the kinds there) and am trying to find a balance in all of it. This Friday we were supposed to till the garden but its going to rain again. Brenna and I are going to stake the garden and tarp it in hopes of keeping it dry enough so that when it stops raining Saturday we can till, keep your fingers crossed. Friday while Im stuck indoors I will be getting planters set up for some container gardening. At least some things will get done on Friday.


Pooka and Mommy said...

At least your only getting rain. They had talked about snow, but took it out of our forcast for now. Still, it would be nice if things could dry out so we could get some plants in the ground.

Glad to know I am not the only one continually killing the broccolli this year. Now if I could keep a tomato alive to get it in the ground I would be happy.


Catherine said...

I had been wondering what had been going on with you! And I agree, the weather has been weird lately. But hopefully it will all mellow out and this year will have a fantastic growing season.