Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mental survival during this winter storm

I was asked by someone what do I do mentally to survive through this current cold weather. There has been a couple things that have helped.  Listening to music, browsing seed catalogs, reading other blogs,a good cup of tea.. these all help me to tolerate being cooped up with Jack Frost nipping at my toes and nose. I reorganized my room, I cleaned. Cleaning is therapeutic for me, bringing order to chaos (even if it's just the kitchen or bedroom) Your environment influences you and I have found I sleep better in a straightened up room. If I have music on I tend to be in a better mood, yes even when I listen to metal! I remind myself that a harsh winter kills bugs and grubs, I remind myself that the thaw will come. I plot and I plan. I think of wonderful blossoms and canning and dehydrating, I picture Sister Zim and the baby, Brenna and I in the garden. I picture my niece Pookah coercing her mother into buying yet another plant for her garden.

Sometimes I still get grumpy, and then I feel guilty. We have been lucky here in De Soto. We did not lose power and it seems to be getting warmer finally, we got up to 21F today I think. Looking at posts on facebook I see many of my friends are not as lucky, lots of posts about frozen and burst pipes, some without power and hammered with more snow than us.  I woke up to a migraine so I called in to work. I didn't get out of bed until almost 4pm. All in all it was 4 days housebound. Walley went in to work so I knew that I could get out and I did for an hour or so. I was beyond irritable and I also wanted to pick up some stuff for Brandon and the roommates. A few of them have the sniffles, Brandon may have a kidney stone on the move. I went to the Co-Op and got him pure cranberry juice, the rest a lemon ginger echinacea drink and some lavender flowers for me to put into a tea for myself. The fresh air did me good as well as the change of scenery. Tomorrow I go back to work and  then get ready for for the Barony of Shattered Crystal's 12th Night potluck. It will be a day of good fun that Im looking forward to immensely.

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