Friday, April 4, 2014

Tea time

I mentioned in my last post about Emily(Mila) a friend of mine who came from out of state to visit recently. I met her at Dagorhir's Ragnarok last June. What started out as a Rag crush blossomed into a great friendship and she has brought something back into my life that I have been missing and I must tell you about it. No Im not getting paid to do this either.


Yes, I said tea. Not the crappy tea I grew up with.. Lipton teabags made "southern sweet" by almost 2 cups of sugar to a gallon (and that is a mild version of it, in Mississippi they use more I found out!) Not even the better tasting Twinings teas that I had fallen in love with years ago but for one reason or another had quit having.  No this was beautiful tea, loose leaf and delectable.  She sent me a care package that soothed my battered soul, calmed my nerves and fortified me. 

It helps that she works in a tea not Teavana. Churchill's Fine Teas is based in Cincinnati, OH and they have an amazing selection, absolutely phenomenal tasting teas. How phenomenal you might ask? So phenomenal that when she knew she was coming to Southern Illinois she offered to bring orders with her for folks attending Byzantium Opener. They just had to place the orders in time. They jumped all over it. She has really made a name for herself as "The Tea Lady" My friends and family are addicted. I do invite you to stop over there online and see what they are about. OR better yet, if you can go in person I encourage it.(I haven't been able to myself but it is on the list of things to do this year!) Did I mention they have a flat rate shipping!

So what am I drinking? I have a couple different favorites. Hot Cincinnati Spice Black was my Winter season go to but I just fell in love with a Victorian Rose blend she brought along with White Lilac. Lilacs are my absolute favorite flowers and they have such a short span of time that they are in season so I forsee me drinking this often. Brandon loves the Creme Brulee Black, Walley is using the Kama Sutra Chai to make a batch of his heavenly mead. Their Serene Blend is used housewide when we want to relax or for those nights when our brains just wont let us sleep. They have almost 256 blends and they can make up something for you. So yeah, guess what a lot of my gift giving is probably going to involve.

This has been keeping me sane at work lately 

Just a small fraction of the awesomeness...they have over 256 blends!!

But really, let me get back to the point now.  I stopped taking the time to make tea. There is a calming down that comes with properly preparing tea. Getting the kettle set and going. Measuring into my tea pot or infuser. Pouring the tea and just sitting down and enjoying a cup or mug. Tea makes you stop for a moment and enjoy what is in front of you.  Something Im sure we all agree we need to do more.


Pooka and Mommy said...

Tea can do wonders. You have peaked my curiosity dear but I still have love of the tea from a Brenna.

aikikat said...

There is just something wonderful about waiting for a cuppa to brew. I am torn between the traditional Indian spiced chai, the youthberry orange blossom and the white vanilla grapefruit as my favorites right now. But my go-to chillaxing tea is the ginger root. It helps me get relaxed and fall asleep more than any "sleepy time" tea has in the past.