Thursday, August 20, 2015

End of August

Yeah I know it's been three months since my last post. There wasn't a whole lot to tell. I wasn't working but was paying bills with my severance package. My shoulder was jacked up from the car wreck. There was no garden this summer. The insurance got worked out from the wreck, and with it and what money I had left from my cash out from work I bought a used car. Im happy with it and it's paid off.

Things that are happening now:

  • Im enrolled full time in college, classes started yesterday. Since I'm considered a displaced worker there is a program offered to me. Pick an approved degree or certificate program from a list the program offers and they pay for it. Tuition, books and mileage. They are still processing my application. However, I qualified for Pell and Map grants so I could get started.
  • Brenna and I are looking at a late summer garden to put cold weather crops in
  • Walley lost his job, Brandon is working temp jobs
  • Im out of severance money and finally went on unemployment. 
Life is stressful, trying to keep a handle on it. So far it's 50/50 depending on the day. I know this is temporary. I know that right now I just need to focus on school. The rest will fall in place.