Thursday, September 15, 2016

Time flies when you're.....

I thought I had posted since Yule. Apparently that is not the case. Sorry. I'm still around, I'm off path though and trying to make my way back to a more sustainable, health and self sufficient lifestyle.

Here's the skinny:
  • Replaced the broken oven.
  • Fridge died, was gifted a older fridge by a friends who had an extra.
  • Second semester was brutal 15 credit hours, but one class ended horribly with a D so I will have to retake it eventually.
  • My dad had a stroke in February, my brother had a garage accident that massively damaged both his hands in April. They are both doing better. My brother moved out of state to be able to work.
  • Got turned down for financial aid this year. Cashing out my 401k after the call center closed kinda screwed me. I'm still in the dislocated worker program so my tuition and books were covered.
  • I'm still at school, 12 credit hours and I work two jobs. One for a well known sub shop (That made all of us sign a social media clause so I cant put the name down) and I also babysit a gorgeous 10 month old baby for some family friends. 
I miss writing, I haven't been keeping up with the blogs I love to read but I'm trying to rectify that.