Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Yeah so remember that I was complaining about having too much cayenne. Tonight I lost almost an entire summer's worth of cayenne peppers to mold. I had a jar full of air dried peppers and I was looking at them and noticed that several were moldy so they all had to go. It could be that the jar let in moisture or that a couple weren't as dry as I thought when I put them in the jar. I'm kinda pissed and now I want that food dehydrator. In good news I had just picked the last batch of peppers before the frost hit (whats left out there now is ruined) so they are being oven dried as we speak. I've never tried oven drying though I have read about it. Coincidently I went back to Rural King tonight to price the 22qt pressure canner $93.99), the 16qt is $79.99 and saw that the Nesco food dehydrator was on sale for like $30. Hmmmm I think the kitchen gods might be speaking to me.

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Katie said...

That seems like a very good price for a pressure canner to me. I taught a canning class and that was much better than anything the students I taught could find.