Thursday, January 31, 2008

7 things

Unusually Unusual Farmchick posted a thing where you're suppose to divulge seven things others might not know about yourself. So I'll let you in on seven things about me:

1. I was purely left handed for quite a bit of my life, actually right up until elementary school. They saw fit to fix that. My father is a lefty. I seem to have adapted into quasi-ambidexterous. I drink using my left hand, switch with utensils, grab and hold with either hand but when it comes for writing I am a righty and as for the computer mouse I can do either way but I am more comfortable using my left. My desk at work is set up lefty style. But Bill is a righty so thats how it is set up for our computer here.
2. I currently own 3 pairs of jeans, thats it. I also only own a total of 4 pairs of shoes.
3. I listen to everything thing imaginable when it comes to music. From Les Miserable to Pantera.
4. My favourite dessert is a tie between Tiramisu and Honey Glazed Chocolate chip croissants(only found at Panera so far) it's funny that I rarely ever get to have any though.
5. I am NOT a morning person without massive amounts of caffiene. On the occasion that I drink coffee it has to be with LOTS of sugar, usually I opt for diet Coke or Mountain Dew.
6. I have never owned a coffee pot as an adult on my own. We had one here at the trailer but it was J's.
7. Every female on my mom's side of the family is somewhat "gifted", heavily intuitive (to a creepy point sometimes) and have all had run ins with "weird" stuff happening to them. It's all pretty much accepted yet quite a few of these women freaked out when I came out as a pagan LOL.

I tagged a few people I read but I will leave it open to anyone who happens upon this post, too. Just leave a comment to let me know who to visit.

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