Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Imbolc!

Happy Imbolc to the Pagans and Happy St. Brigit's Day to my Catholic family :) Happy Groundhog's Day to everyone else :)

So Thursday we had a few snow storms come through with freezing rain mixed in. I was at work until midnight so my drive home was fun. But I didnt land in the ditch at least, just a lot of sliding. Friday we were suppose to get more but didn't. Here's the aftermath around the trailer and our park.

I did however talk to the Dana the realtor and the owners are still going over our (for lack of better word) "demands" for the house that we put up to them since the house inspection came back with a couple problem areas. So they have til Monday to make a decision. Im hella nervous, we REALLY want this house. I almost, almost wish we wouldn't have asked for them to fix anything and just dealt with it ourselves this was the right way to go. As for the Rural Development inspection Dana knows the lady and say she can be kinda slow...not good to hear. Bill is extremely agitated though understandably so, we all hate being at the mercy of others. On a pleasant note. He is quite proud of my laundry soap experiment :D and has asked if I can find a good recipe for liquid dish detergent.

On the home front, things are starting to settle down and I finally got my W-2. Bill and S talked about the power bill. Since we already pay the lot rent AND pay for the cable, internet, phone combo he is only asking that we chip in $60 for the power. Not as bad as the half we were led to believe that we would be paying. So now that that is out of the way I feel way better. Saturday I have to do some grocery shopping tomorrow and I have to take a trip to Du Quoin before I go to work. I plan on going to the Co-Op to price hunt on some liquid dish detergent to tide us over.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope the house goes through for you! My fingers are crossed. :)

I'm so glad I read this post. It reminded me that I want to go to the Co-op sometime. I've only been once, and I really want to check it out again!