Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It was bound to happen

So I finally snapped. I was doing ok plugging along and then Bill started talking about he was unpacking the boxes in 6 days and that we will just have to stay here another year and try again. (So then my wedding would be effectively off til then) The house is a mess, I was trying to cook dinner and do laundry and clean. Then I found that the cats had tipped over the cat box and I lost it. Threw the vacuum, screamed about the state of my world and how no one is doing their jobs in the house, how tired I was about cleaning all the time and no one helping and how much I hated living here now and threatened to get rid of my cats and dissolved into a puddle of tears in the bathroom. Bill and Teen have never seen me lose it and I don't think they knew what to do. Bill had to go in to work for overtime (he doesn't get many chances to) and he tried to put me right before he had to run. So I saw him off and grabbed a shower...allowed the Teen to do my hair and got out of the damn house. I went to the local cafe and chowed on Hummus Kalaya and Teen had a 4 cheese mini pizza. Went to say happy birthday to my friend Maja and then came home. I envision that Wed will be better as I have a plan to repot some of the seedlings and be outside as much as I can.

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