Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Broken update

Nasty fracture of the thumb...its currently casted but if he doesnt do right by it his thumb will be SERIOUSLY jacked up. He's got paper work in for FMLA at work, which may or may not help. I found out today they gave us a raise of sorts (I think to adjust for the minmum wage hike we had, not really sure) they say it will not affect our performance raises we would get towards spring. Training is going well, I really think I will like the people in this dept...we have a buddhist, one of the other supervisors does a LOT of canning and another girl and I got into a discussion about our liking Mother Earth News magazine.

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donald423 said...

As a homeschooling dad, I sometimes find myself with nice suburban moms who I feel I have NOTHING in common with--until I find out they've at least tried gardening, and canning, and, for example, bake their own birthday cake and cookies for the kids. Home-baked goodies I can relate to!! :)

Glad you have some nice co-workers, that can make employment much more tolerable.