Monday, January 4, 2010

New year, new crew

I've been working on those goals for the new year and though its still a work in progress here's what I have so far...
  • Grow at least 50% of our produce
  • Become more proficient at crocheting things
  • Lobby my village council to allow me to have some laying hens
  • To be more frugal, pay off my credit card again and get something into savings
  • To eat more organic, if not organic then local
  • To make more meals from scratch (including things like bread)
  • To build my pantry up and so I can shop less often

I am cautiously optimistic for this new year.  I have a lot of hopes and the biggest obstacle for them is me!! I know I can do these things, maybe not to the degree I want right away but they are not impossible ideas.

There were a couple changes lately here in the household and I wanted to introduce you to my new "crew" :)

This is Helen.......and the wall behind her she painted herself crafty person that she is, the swirls are freehand.  She was in the middle of reorganizing her craft desk when I shot this.

And this is Dillon, who just moved in on th 28th. I've known Dillon since I moved down here, Bill has known him longer.  Long story but basically he's like our son (we are the closest thing to parents for him) He's a good kid (lol hes 19)  AND he likes to garden :)

In good news today Bill got called back to work today to start at 3pm!! We are still trying to get him on at my workplace though as it would be better for him. Things will once again shift around in the house, and dinner will probably not be as phenomenal but we will be better off.  Keep your fingers crossed for us. 

Here are the updates from the AeroGrow I promised!

So far so good and everything has at least sprouted now.  One down side is that someone put a cover over all of it to block the light and when I pulled it down when I got home the tips of one of the calendula  sprouts had burned a little.  They have been instructed not to do that again.


Ruralrose said...

Excellent list! Peace

comfrey cottages said...

hi stephanie! thanks for visiting comfrey cottages:) nice to meet someone else who lives in illinois also! your blog is cool! your goals are wonderful and i admire the steps you are taking. just read a very good book written about a sustainable small farm near me and its gardening tips were out of this world. written so it was a very good read also. you would have to make a bit of an adjustment as we are zone 5 and i think yours might be right below us. anyway the name of it is The Seasons on Henry's Farm by terra brockman. new release at the library so yours might have it or you could get through interlibrary loan:) i am sure we will be visiting again:)

L.A. said...

Hi Stephanie
I too am living in Illinois so enjoyed your blog and some of the sites on your blog list. I was born/raised in Decatur and after living in Florida for over 20 years have now moved to Mt. Vernon.
Good luck on your journey.
I'll be visiting often.