Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today was pajama day at work but it turned into passing a kidney stone day for me. I passed one smaller stone there and another piece when I got home and since then I haven't noticed any significant pieces.  The pressure and pain in my right kidney and back has started to ease up a bit.  I barely had any warning this time, though I must admit, it was not nearly the type of pain the last two times were.  But it's kinda hard to be on the phone when you feel like you have to pee everyone 5 -10 minutes so I came home.  I've taken Motrin and Aleve and so far I'm feeling ok, just a little tender.  Which is good as I told my coworker I'd help her get her sq. foot garden up today.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I got on at Curves through their 30 days for $30 promo.  When that month ends then I will sign up for a 1 year commitment through a special from my health insurance.  I am very happy about this.  I have been going 4-5 times each week during my 2 week trial, which ended yesterday.  I feel soo much better after the work outs and I feel like I'm actually doing something instead of sitting on my ass complaining about my weight.  I don't know if I've lost any weight, I'm staying away from the scale. As for how my clothes are fitting  this week is not the week to depend on that measurement. But the point is I FEEL better.  I look forward to my work outs (even if I hate the squat machine)

Garden is still not in.  It rained off and on Thursday through Sunday.  We lost power a couple times.  So everything is wet.  Today and tomorrow are suppose to be nice and dry.  I have no illusions of planting anything today but maybe tomorrow after work...I can hope right? Friday and the weekend its suppose to rain again.  Bill reminded me that when we first moved into the house it was the end of May and that I didn't get the garden completely in until late June and that first year we had a kick ass garden.  That reminds me, I need to call the power company and see if they'll drop a load of wood chips off in the backyard. Free mulch is good mulch no?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Working through it

Yesterday and part of today I found myself in that rut of "What the hell am doing with my life?"  I felt overwhelmed and without any control.  I was questioning my ability to do the suburban/urban farmer thing, beating myself up over my cowardice to tackle the chicken ordinances and feeling like a hypocrite for encouraging other people to do things for themselves. I worry about money (but who doesn't?) I want everything done right now and I just dont have the funds to do it.  I also want to not have to worry about being able to do some things for myself (I need new jeans) and extra stuff like go out for my birthday.  My birthday is in a little over a month and I will be 32.  Typing that out just doesnt look right to me but there it is, 32. Wow, yay me for surviving the wacky world that long eh? :) Speaking of wacky...............

My mother is coming!!! YAY!! And she's staying until Sunday!! Double YAY!! Tomorrow I have to get the extra room ready for her, she took Friday off so she didn't have to rush down here.  It's a 3hr drive from Decatur to De Soto so I think she'll arrive somewhere around or after noon. It will be another supercharged weekend. Friday I am suppose to go and help my coworker and her mom set up the Square Foot Garden beds.  Saturday and Sunday is the Southern Illinois Irish Fest in Carbondale and all of us who do medieval fantasy fighting aka Dagorhir will be out hamming it up for the crowds.  Mom and Helen are taking pictures so Im sure I will have some to share. I will be trying to fit a party in Saturday night, and yeah my mom's invited too.  My friend is holding a post Irish Fest party at his place and has some really good mead he wants to try out on all of us.  Yay for friends who make their own mead!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Has anyone else NOT gotten their garden in?  Im having a beat up on Stephie day and I feel like a failure (and I know I shouldnt) It feels like too much to do and not enough money, time, etc

Friday, April 9, 2010

Super planned weekends have begun!

This weekend looks promising so far.  I got up got laundry started and hung out on the clothes line. I have 2 more loads to wash and hang. I want to get some more onions into the grow boxes (which grass is shooting up through grrrrrrr)  We pick the boys up this afternoon and Im not looking forward to it, tonight will have to be cheap pizza night and they will want to go eat BK's or McDonald's...tough.  Im sorry I do love my stepsons but they are spoiled rotten on some things. Ok enough on that.

Its been weird weather in southern Illinois.  First some rain, then heat, then winds and thunderstorms,then heat, more wind and now cold.  I woke up today to 40 degree weather.  But it's not raining!! I was hoping that all the wind would have helped dry out the garden but it doesn't seem to have helped too much at all :(   My seedlings are looking a little pale and Im worried that they are going to die or something is wrong with them.  Also they are not as big as I would like them. I may try transplanting them into the plastic tubs I've been saving.  Less than a week to the last frost date.

Tomorrow is Farmers' Market Day!!! Best day of the week hands down.  We are all going to head out there. Well except for Helen, she has to work all day tomorrow :(   I also have a wedding to go to at 1p tomorrow. After I get done with all that I will head home and I hope to get back into the dirt. I am debating getting a roll of landscaping fabric and redoing the raised beds.  I also need to lay the cardboard down for the greenbean A-frame.  I need to get the peas planted...and the potatoes...and the lettuce and spinach.  Damn, I need this next week to stay dry and above 50!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I hurt. Yesterday I used the front tine tiller on about 1/3 of the garden area, making 3 passes. That was on top of the one pass Bill tried to make over it the day before yesterday.  Of course last night it poured so no tilling today.GRRRRRRR.  I did however get the last batch of loofahs soaking in bleach water and I got the clothes on the line.  So now its Aleve/Motrin time and then a nap.