Friday, July 16, 2010

Funky Friday

Today they said it would be a high of 86, yeah, they lied. If society ever breaks down Im heading north to an area that doesn't have summer weather like southern Illinois. Two evenings ago one of my friends, who has no AC in her trailer, came to my house for a bit to escape the heat advisory and borrowed my kitchen to do some sewing. In order for me to survive a summer with no AC I would have to shave my head and live in shorts and a tank top. Oh am I soooo grateful for my central air!  We keep it at about 75-77 degrees.

I set the water hose out last night then I just realized I dont remember turning it off.  So my rain barrels may be empty when I get out there, I could really kick myself but it's too hot and I'd probably injure myself badly in the process. Yesterday I picked up a gallon of white and apple cider vinegars in anticipation for canning. Today I ended up breaking down and getting a microwave. Helen and I split the cost. William is ecstatic that he doesn't have to leave meat out to thaw (he says its just asking for trouble)

Tomorrow my friend Brenna is coming over and we are going to be making Mozzarella. I've never made cheese before.  We had originally wanted to do salsa but none of our tomatoes have ripened.  Then later in the afternoon Helen and I are contemplating making a new batch of soap.  Yay for DIY projects!! Speaking of projects don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!!

So on a serious note. I found out yesterday that the company I work for is being "acquired" by an investment group.  We had no forewarning.  I walked into work and got mobbed by people telling me we've been bought out and to check my email, not really how I want to start my day ya know?!  For those who don't know I work for a vitamin company, a rather larger one. Usually it's my company that buys up/mergers with smaller companies.  We are going from a publicly owned company to a private one.

What does this mean for me?  I don't know.  Am I worried? @&*% yeah!  I am not running around like a chicken with my head cut off though for a couple reasons.
  1. We weren't bought out by another vitamin company
  2. My company has an extremely loyal customer base and this company has done its research on that. It really seems that they bought us because we are pretty epic.
  3. If my job gets outsourced I will get unemployment which opens up some other opportunities for me
  4. I really, really, really can't afford an ulcer and don't want to increase my occurrences of migraines.
Ok I feel better just getting it all out.  William and Helen know the deal, they themselves are in the middle of starting their own business together (but thats for some other time to talk about)

Im off to go help William in the yard, he has decided to mow the yard this evening.

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    fullfreezer said...

    Don'tcha just love the weather in the midwest?! We've got a heat advisory again tomorrow. My garden is a disaster of weeds from all the rain we've been having and now that it isn't raining, It gets hot as H@*#.
    Stay cool!