Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Its my weekend and I am beyond bored. Im sick to my stomach with this house thing. Today was the last day for the sellers to make a decision and I haven't gotten a call from the realtor. So I will call tomorrow and inbetween I guess I will pray, clean and take a lot of papaya papain.

In other news today the high was 68 degrees, the area surrounding the trailer is swampy which makes for messy floors at the front door, cuz some people dont know how to wipe their feet. Grrrr.

Ok peaceful thoughts.....let's see....the breeze is really nice tonight, I have my window cracked open. I bought some Seventh Generation dish detergent that was on sale at the Co-op. Which reminds me I have a parmesean peppercorn roll waiting for me in the fridge. But it can wait Im not hungry at the moment. Oh and I don't owe any taxes which is always good. Ahhh, that is better.

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