Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ok help me out

Just for fun I read over my archives and saw the progression of my life to this point. It's kinda cool to see the changes that happen in only 4 months time and all the stuff I've actually done...as evident by my ever growing list off to the right of the page. It's also kinda scary to see things go as quickly as they have. It also reminds me of things that I still need to do or to finish such as:
  • Clean the craft room out again, especially since J has moved out
  • Redo the budget
  • Take my lunch to work more often
  • Tackle the bread baking fear I have

I have some ideas for taking up challenges and some new goals -like the bake my own bread thing- but haven't really decided what to do next while Im waiting for this house thing. Any ideas you guys have or challenges I will definitely consider. I seem to do better when I know other people are also going to hold me accountable.


vonne said...

Well, I'm not very good about commenting, but I have been reading your blog from the beginning, and I just wanted to say that I'm impressed with how far you've come so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you getting the house.
Don't be afraid to bake bread! It's a natural process and very easy. Jump in! You'll love it. It's the most basic thing you'll ever learn to do.

Phelan said...

What is your fear of bread baking? If you decide to tackle that, do you have yahoo IM? If so, I will be glad to help you out, step by step.

Stephanie said...

I'm terrified of it coming out hard as a brick. I once tried making zuchinni bread and it was so hard that, while it was being thrown around a room (to show how hard it was)it hit the window and broke it. True story, my ex hub was pissed.