Thursday, August 7, 2008

Now with Pictures!

So its a long post but its mostly the pictures I've promised.

All the hair I cut off

This is me after I chopped off all my hair

This is the chronological photostream of the backyard/garden:

First broke ground the beginning of June, planting didnt finish til just before the wedding and leaving for Ragnarok-June 19th

End of July/Beginning of August
This is our friend we found in the garden. He was moved over to the gourd patch.

The First Harvest

Some Dried Basil, Thyme and 5 jalepenos...and a bunch of fresh dill that went to my best friend's mom

The Second Harvest aka OMG!

I've given away a 1/4 of the jalapenos already and still have this much!

So I got all my ingredients and equipment out and decided to DO something

So a day later with all my seals (YAY!) I have 5 Qt of whole and speared pickles, and 4 Pts of Hot Pepper Jelly and the dehyrator is drying Basil, Tarragon and Thyme


Kathie said...

Awesome! That garden is great and all those jars, just lovely.

donald423 said...

Yay! All the pics are terrific. Looks like good results.

--Don from Food Not Lawns Springfield

CatHerder said...

Great harvest!!! Mine was not even worth mentioning this year...i think im going to hit a farm stand a buy a few bushels and can...your pepper jelly looks good! mmmmm!